Alexandra Malone, MBA, MS(Psych)
SA Pro™ Trainer, Elite FFCP, CPDT-KA, IAABC-ADT


Hi, I’m Alexandra,


I’m an accredited and certified dog trainer, elite fear-free certified professional, as well as a certified dog separation anxiety pro trainer and the Founder of The Yin Yang Dog. Being a human with a dog suffering from separation anxiety I know firsthand how difficult it is to navigate the colossal amount of information released on the internet. From “let them cry it out” to “put them in an impact crate”, the plethora of misinformation is enough to drive anyone into high levels of anxiety. So I decided, “enough is enough”.  I made myself the gatekeeper between information flooding and proper training. I stand for all other humans with dogs suffering from separation anxiety who can’t find the right support to help their dogs. My mission is to help both participants in this game have a win-win season.


With over 20 years in the animal industry, I have helped hundreds of owners and their dogs overcome behavioral challenges by focusing on their emotional wellbeing. As a veterinary technician, greyhound adoption volunteer, boarding manager, certified dog trainer, and certified separation anxiety coach,  I’ve found my path.  Throughout the years I have accumulated a wealth of education in the area of human psychology with doctoral work in health psychology; in addition, I studied at graduate-level learning about the interaction between humans and other animals. My focus has been animal behavior research with the goal of providing support to humans and other animals through behavior modification. 


All this experience has been building to my calling… 


I support and coach owners of dogs suffering from separation anxiety to navigate the process of acclimating their dog to calmly staying home alone. My program - Keep Calm and Trust your Dog - teaches humans how to apply systematic desensitization to change their dogs’ emotional state from fearful to calm. This system is so effective that it is also used with humans suffering from fears and phobias.


Ready to start taking your dog from fearful to calm? 


I look forward to meeting your pup soon,